Mina Tepeş(ミナ・テペッシュMina Tepesshu?)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
The female protagonist and the current ruler of the Vampire world. She usually appears in a young and prepubescent state, though she is not shy enough to feel embarrassed when naked. Mina can act aggressive, cocky, and naughty. However, she actually feels vulnerable and lonely. She cares very much for the welfare of her people and does everything in her power to protect and preserve her species. Mina sympathizes towards the Fangless (vampires who ripped out their own fangs), creating a city underneath the Bund where they can live freely and without persecution. It is revealed that she is in love with Akira since first meeting him or related to him in a close fashion, to the point her secret room is covered from floor to ceiling with nothing but pictures of him. Mina's soul's true form is an adult version of herself with wings. She wishes to have this form kept a secret, as that form's body is able to give birth while her current one cannot, and because of that, she would be forced into marrying one of the Three Nobles, who are also "True Bloods" like her.
Mina's name can be derived from the Vlad the Impaler story and Dracula. Her surname, Tepeş, is the Romanian word for Impaler, the reason Vlad the Impaler is called Vlad Tepeş. Her given name, "Mina", is shared by Mina Murray, the woman that Dracula sought to have as his new bride in the original novel.

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