Nanami Shinonome (東雲 ななみ Shinonome Nanami?)a ska sAlalla alal
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (Japanese), Janet Mason (English)
Also known as "Chairman" (会長 Kaichō?)a ska sAlalla alal, she was originally a stern, no-nonsense human student who was against the idea of having vampires attend the school, seeing them as making a mockery of all that the school had stood for until then, especially after discovering that the school's chairman and founder was, in fact, a vampire - Mina herself. However, while staying at school late at night, she is attacked by vampires and consequently made into one. Though her original master was defeated, Nanami is soon "overwritten" by another vampire and thus further coerced into serving Mina's enemies. Eventually Nanami is overwritten yet again, this time by Mina, and is able to get some semblance of her life back again, continuing to go to school as Student Council President, but also now serving as a maid for the Tepeş household.
After becoming a vampire, Nanami discovers that she is passionately in love with her younger next-door neighbor Yuzuru, a boy she had previously considered as a little brother to herself; unprepared for the incredible potency of vampire emotions, Nanami very nearly bites Yuzuru before remembering herself and running off. Overcome with revulsion at what she has become, she even pleads at one time with Mina to kill her, rather than "taint" Yuzuru with her shameful lust. Eventually however, she comes to realize that Yuzuru, in fact, returns her feelings, and is allowed to bite him so that they can both be together. Also, because of the age difference between them, Nanami later comes to be labeled a shotacon by Nelly.
Hikosaka (彦坂?)a ska sAlalla alal
Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English)
Known as "Hiko" for short by Akira, he is a student who is regularly bullied by his schoolmates. He later becomes a vampire, apparently loving the fact he can now terrify those who once bullied him. However, he soon realizes that life as a vampire is no different than when he was human, and that no matter what he would become, the abuse he suffered would not cease. He became one of Hysterica's pawns in her plan to bomb the Tokyo subway and, after being chased and confronted by Akira, apologized to him before killing himself with the bomb he was carrying.


Yuzuru (ユヅル?)a ska sAlalla alal
Voiced by: Mika Itō (Japanese), Lynn Lowin (English)
A thirteen-year-old boy (though he appears considerably younger) who was Nanami's next-door neighbor. Because both of their families were often not at home, they would spend time together to where Yuzuru would look up to her as a big sister figure. After Nanami becomes a vampire, he looks for her to the point of putting himself in danger, and later ends up helping Mina and Akira save Nanami. It is revealed that he loves Nanami as much as she does him, and allows himself to be turned into a vampire by Nanami so that they can live together in the Bund.