Yuki Saegusa (三枝 由紀 Saegusa Yuki?)a ska sAlalla alal
Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English)
The narrator of the story. A human who, it is later revealed, was once Akira's girlfriend. She gave Akira a silver ring as a symbol of their relationship, which later, she gave to Mina as a symbol of their new friendship. She is Akira's classmate as well as a member of the Student Council, and for a time being the only member after the attack on Kaichou. She was at first frightened by vampires, but grows to accept them after spending time with Mina. Through this she appears to gain a close friendship with Mina, even inviting her to spend the night at her house. Yuki is also an amateur novelist, and has quite a following in the Bund. It is suggested she writes yaoi with the protagonist based on Akira, much to his horror.


Ryohei Kuze (久世 僚平 Kuze Ryōhei?)a ska sAlalla alal
Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (Japanese), Mark Graham (English)
At the beginning of the series, he treated Akira as an enemy, but Akira still sees him as a friend. He treats Akira this way because he didn't accept Yuki's feelings and that Akira is Mina's servant, in which Ryohei believes he is siding with the vampires. His hatred towards Vampires is so strong, that he agreed with students beating up Hikosaka because he "associated" with Mina. However, after chatting with Angel, he decided to apologize to Akira, which Akira accepts.


Katsuichi Mizoguchi (溝口 勝一 Mizoguchi Katsuichi?)a ska sAlalla alal
A mid level politician who Mina negotiated to have Fangless vampires to attend school in Japan. He was completely against the idea, believing that all vampires should stay on the Bund. Because of that statement, Mina went as far as to have his grandson turned into a vampire and then quoted his own words on how all vampires should stay in the Bund. He later agrees to the acceptance of vampires, to where Mina gave a cure to his grandson that works on people that have been bitten within 48 hours.
In the anime, he is much higher rank, being the prime minister, but is still the one that Mina has to deal with over the Bund.


Josée Reiko Gotoh (後藤・ジョゼ・玲子 Gotō Joze Reiko?)a ska sAlalla alal
Stepsister to Nicole Edelman. Yet they look so much alike that Vera nearly attacked her when she introduced herself. She is a Councilor who works for Shoichi. She hadn't seen her stepsister in years, and claims to not know why she did the things she did. It is later revealed that she is dating Seiji Hama and deeply loves him.